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Aging process is something frightening to everybody, and especially for the ladies. Aging signs visible on the face pushed the representatives of the fair sex in search of solutions to fade away wrinkles, and the specialists to find more efficient and minimally-invasive therapies.
One of the recent technologies, used to this end with extraordinary results is the laser technology. The thing is that laser technology does not „concern itself” only with static of dynamic wrinkles, but has a much broader area of application. Moreover, the series of 3 procedures necessary to obtain noticeable results must be resumed after one year to one and a half years.

It takes 3 sessions to notice results!

The area of application for this technology, whose effects are noticeable after 3 consecutive sessions is:


Static and dynamic wrinkles


Tonus, skin texture, hydration index


Hyper-pigmentation: freckles, sunspots and scarring from acnee or burning


Skin excess due to weakening of the inner structure of the skin (collagen and elastin)


Xanthelasma (yellow, waxy staining on the eye lids)


Rhinophyma (a skin condition – of the nose – due to worsening of acnee rosacea), sebacous adenoma, syringoma

Treatments are personalized based on patient characteristics (are of skin to be treated, phototype, sensitivity, age, etc.).

Dentexcela 3 strives for your beauty

Dentexcela 3 already uses the most performant laser in the world: Er, Cr: YSGG (Erbium, chromium-doped yttrium, scandium, gallium and garnet) which was introduced in 1997 for dental surgery, dermatology, and it can also be successfully employed in orthopedics.

It is used for removal of old skin cells, restoring and reorganization of collagen and keratinocytes. This process of collagen remodelling continues for 12 months after the treatment.

Why is it so special?

It is the most efficient water laser, ideal for all types of tissues, because all tissues contain water. It is an ablative laser that does not require anesthesia.

Benefits include:

  • LASERPEEL technique: It is minimally invasive under cold conditions, also pain-free.
  • Skin healing takes place very quickly (5-7 days).
  • Does not induce bleeding, having a coagulation effect and leading to healing of lesions in a short time.
  • Operates with micron precision, more exactly it has a pixelated diameter of under 500 μm.

What can we, at Dentexcela 3, do with such a laser for a healthy skin:

  • Healing of scars left over after acne
  • Treatment for all types of wrinkles
  • Minimally invasive lifting
  • Skin rejuvenation and restoring its elasticity and tone
  • Wiping away the signs of scar healing (keloid scars)
  • Removal of old skin cells
  • Restoration of collagen – process that continues even 12 months after treatment

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