Laser assisted periodontics

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Why undergo invasive and painful treatments for oral cavity sanitation? Come to our clinic for a minimally invasive treatment, using different wavelength lasers, performed by a periodontist specialist.

Gums are among the most sensitive exposed tissue of the human body, which means that they can be easily injured and affected by periodontal diseases like gingivitis or periodontitis. If they are not treated adequately, these conditions can lead to loss of teeth, serious damage to dental and gum tissue, as well as the development of certain kidney and cardiovascular diseases. Our specialists use laser technology to help you regain the healthy smile that you long for.

How we do it


Following a first consultation, our team of medical specialists creates a personalized treatment plan;


The minimally invasive periodontal treatment is performed based on a well-established protocol with minimally invasive techniques, using different wavelength lasers;


Using different wavelength lasers contributes to treatment precision, efficacy and efficiency, so that you may benefit from a fast and painless treatment that is minimally invasive.


Treatment performed:

  • minimally invasive subgingival teeth cleaning with a 2780 nm wavelength laser;
  • biostimulation and biomodulation with a 980 nm wavelength diode laser;

After the marginal periodontium has healed, the following steps are performed:

  • supragingival crown preparation;
  • applying a prosthetic device with accurate marginal adaptation.

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