Dentexcela3 Clinic

While always being on the forefront of state-of-the-art dental treatments, Dentexcela3 team members have achieved many accomplishments during the company’s 22 years of existence, such as:

The first private dental practice in Romania, equipped with German technology and materials
The first metal-ceramic crowns in Romania have been created at our clinic
The first dental practice in Romania to use CAD-CAM technology on site, in 2016
The first dental clinic in Romania to implement laser dental treatments
The first Waterlaser in Bucharest, in 2007
The first team of dentists in Romania to adopt minimally invasive dental techniques

Today we cover all dental disciplines and we are extending our list of competencies and revolutionary technology, using laser devices with different wavelengths (660 nm, 810 nm, 940 nm and 2780 nm), no-prep porcelain veneers or Lumineers veneers, and CAD-CAM digital technology.

As a patient of Dentexcela3 clinic, you have access to a series of undeniable benefits:

Your own digital file allowing us to develop a high-quality doctor-patient relationship;
All the sterilization and operation protocols for medical equipment are strictly enforced;
Our specialists’ experience of over 22 years in dentistry and over 12 years in laser treatments;
All our dentists undergo continuous training, this being one of our clinic’s main concerns.

Dr. Adriana Lucia Celebidache

Senior dentist and training doctor, Dr. Celebidache specializes in dental aesthetics through the use of laser treatment. Her Master Laser Dentistry hyperspecialization from the Aachen University in Germany bestows upon Dr. Celebidache not only the title of Safety Officer, but also the authority to practice as a trainer in laser assisted dental treatment. Her competencies include, among others, the Lumineers certification, also employed in the field of dental aesthetics. Dr. Celebidache skillfully handles equipment such as Dr. Electronic, Sapphyre Laser, diode laser with a wavelength of approximately 660 nm, 940 nm and 2780 nm wavelength lasers, radiology equipment, Planmeca. A technology buff, she shows a lot of patience when explaining to patients the procedures, for which she is also extremely rigorous. Detail-oriented and with exceptional aesthetic skills, she is a cheerful and optimistic person with a remarkable sense of humour.

Our Team


Dr.Cristian Georgescu is a surgeon specializing in laser therapy.Using lasers of different wavelengths, he offers patients exceptional minimally invasive dental treatments.His cheerful smile also contributes to the pleasant experience of our patients.


Dr.Alexandru Rău, specializes in laser assisted periodontic treatments, and successfully masters cutting-edge technology, thus allowing his patients to take advantage of the employment of lasers of different wavelengths.He also reminds his patients about the benefits of an active lifestyle, being a very athletic person himself.

Cruțu Alina

Assistant Manager

Bratu Cornelia

Head Nurse


Măcica Mădălina

Nurse Generalist

Roșaidan Mirela

Nurse Generalist

The support team consists of welcoming and detail-oriented nurses who are proactive and always ready to help our patients and our dentists.Thanks to them, the reception is always covered in terms of phone calls, and our cleaning team provides an impeccable hygiene service at the Dentexcela3 clinic.

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